This is what happens when a musician finds out Magic The Gathering.

Am I A Ghost?

Originally written in the summer of 2012 by an easy bass riff, this song was renewed in Reaper with some new VST and sound effects. I added the mellotron part in late June 2023, cause I always loved baroque pop break, and recorded the whole song three months ago. The lyrics talk about nihilism and maybe it'll be my last song about it. ...


During pandemic I've listened to some 60s music, such as Shangri-Las and Harry Nilsson, and I was so fascinated by those songs that I wrote one in that style. A way back to the 60s, with a pinch of oriental sound and lyrics about lockdown and solitude.


Originally written in late 2013, this space rock song shows many musical influences of that period, especially by Syd Barrett and Jennifer Gentle.
From 60s space rock sounds, this song talks about an astronomic trip with some of my introspective references. I think these two worlds go great together.

A Shelter

I found some lyrics from an old copybook I wrote in 2019. Then I finish the whole song in early 2020, just before pandemic. Finally I've found the time to mix Indian tabla and sitar in this song, adding backing and lead vocals.
I release this song for those who feel alone, without trust: all good things we love can be our shelter....


Lyrics from the Indian religious text Vedas, this is my contribution to an ancient and fascinating world.
Actually, the original song was written in 2012 and just now I rework on it to make a new final mix.
At the foot of the Colosseum, a little picture of what the world is coming to: uncertain and poised.
I wrote this song during pandemic, spending a lot of time for lyrics and realizing that maybe happines goes through sad moments.Listen now!
This is my final work, including Knight Of Cups and December '18, released on 4th February 2022 by Wires Records. Produced by Giacomo Oberti and Edoardo Omezzolli, it was recorded in Riva del Garda (IT) in just one week and the four songs incorporated a wide range of styles, such as ballads, lo-fi pop and psychedelic rock influences. Listen now!...

sun droplets

Tiny beat to relax. It's the only tune with my piano, in my bedroom.

the way it is

Younger sister of December '18, this is a little lo-fi/hip-hop tune for your moment of rest, comfortably seated at a couch, by the fire.