At the foot of the Colosseum, a little picture of what the world is coming to: uncertain and poised.
I wrote this song during pandemic, spending a lot of time for lyrics and realizing that maybe happines goes through sad moments.Listen now!
This is my final work, including Knight Of Cups and December '18, released on 4th February 2022 by Wires Records. Produced by Giacomo Oberti and Edoardo Omezzolli, it was recorded in Riva del Garda (IT) in just one week and the four songs incorporated a wide range of styles, such as ballads, lo-fi pop and psychedelic rock influences. Listen now!...

sun droplets

Tiny beat to relax. It's the only tune with my piano, in my bedroom.

the way it is

Younger sister of December '18, this is a little lo-fi/hip-hop tune for your moment of rest, comfortably seated at a couch, by the fire.

December '18

December '18 talks about a peaceful and deep moment, in a park bench, when it's cold, Christmas is coming and you deal with your imagination, with your friend Buddha there with you, suggesting you how to live that melancholy.

Knight Of Cups

Based on Terrence Malick's film Knight Of Cups, that's my hard work in the Arabic way. With dreamy vocals and bass-heavy grooves, I recorded the whole tracks in late 2019. The pandemic period and the worrying situation in the world was the reason to propose this song to several labels in Italy. And that's all!

Sand In Hand

A little song, written in early 2019 in Latina (IT), when I was attending local school of music. Things were about to go crazy in those time, but I tried to feel the potential of the place, its seaside, its breeze.
The one with the silence before the song begins. It's a tune about no-live period for pandemic situation. I've missed those moments, when you had to tune your intrument, to warm up yourself and then you can start to play your music.


The first lyrics date back to the pandemic period of 2021. In the beginning, I found some problems, I couldn't put music for those thoughts, as far as I've written some in that time. But months later, I sit at the Nord Electro, trying to play a little sequence of a Lydian mode in C: the risult was so adorable. ...


One of my favorite themes is alchemy and an alchemist is an actrattive figure for me. Magic atmospheres, symbolism and experiments, such a good suggestions that I've put it in the title, written in arab language. For the cover I used some symbols. You can find them on a marble magic door in Piazza Vittorio, in Rome (IT).